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ZOOM Dance Lessons

Zoom is an amazing way to connect from anywhere in the world! I offer a variety of options for Zoom dance classes.

Zoom Privates

This is a one-hour private lesson. In the lesson, we can do a traditional ballet class, pointe class, or learn and work on a variation. Contact below for pricing.  

Group Class

This offering is a group class via zoom for a group of students. I can easily zoom into a studio full of dancers and teach a pointe class, ballet class, or variations class. Contact below for pricing.

Solo Choreography

I can choreograph a solo. This solo can be a contemporary ballet piece (en pointe), a contemporary piece (on flat), or a classical piece. While we will be working via Zoom, I will provide several videos for the choreography to make it easier for the dancer to understand ahead of the sessions. Contact below for pricing. 

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