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The Best Dance Products for Your Home Dance Studio in 2021

As dance studios once again face complete closures, its time upgrade your home dance studio.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, its difficult to face the reality that we're still struggling through a pandemic. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. With the current surge in cases, dance studios across the country have once again been forced to shut down.

Since dance studios are often classified as gyms, studios have either closed or are in the talks of possible closures. Whether your studio has closed or not, it's essential that you are ready to transition to at home dance training. Having the proper equipment to train with is paramount. A dancer's biggest fear is loosing technique and precious training years. By creating the perfect home space, you won't have to sacrifice your training during this global crisis. Below I've compiled a list of the best at home dance products that will work in any space—everything from portable ballet bars to Marley dance flooring— as well as small-space-friendly equipment. Adding one or more of these products to your home studio will give you an edge and help you stay in top technical shape.


Marley Dance Mat

If you buy nothing else, you need to buy this. Working on a proper floor, especially when dancing en pointe, is essential. Marley Floors are neither too sticky nor too slippery. This makes the perfect surface for various styles of dance. Having the proper dance floor is necessary for the safety of any at home dancer.

If you're really pressed for space, there is also this small, portable Marley. It can be great for at home use, or anytime you might need to take the floor with you!


Portable Ballet Barre

Countertops and chairs no longer cut it. The height of your ballet barre is important for proper alignment. When using a chair that is the wrong height, your balance is thrown off. Barre is the place where you refine your dance technique. This product is helpful. Being stuck dancing at home for a long time, we need to invest in ourselves. This way our dance technique can continue to progress.


Ballet Balance Board

This portable strength and balance board had to make the list! While working to maintain dance technique, you must be adding strength and stability training. Increased strength = improved technique. This Balance Board is perfect to strengthen your core, lower back, and ankles. And to increase balance and coordination.


Ballet Stretch Band

As I mentioned before, strength and conditioning for dancers is so important. Investing in a stretch and resistance band will help you progress technically. These bands help improve, flexibility, mobility, posture and strength.

I love these ones because it comes with two sizes AND stretching/ strengthening guides!


Massage Gun for Dancers

Dancing at home is not easy on the body. No matter your set up, traditional home surfaces are often very hard and not made for dancing. This can take a toll on your body. After I first experienced the body pains from dancing on my rock hard kitchen floor, I order a massage gun. I never looked back. For me, a massage gun is an essential recovery tool. And perfect if you're feeling a bit too lazy to roll out.

Every dancer needs to roll out or massage their muscles. So, if you don't want to invest in a massage gun, this is my favorite body roller.


At Home Dance Mirror

You see a mirror in every dance studio for a reason. This studio staple helps a dancer self-correct, improve alignment, and pick up nuances. Zoom classes aren't the same as in person. Dancers aren't getting the attention that they're used to. Having a full body mirror will allow a dancer to self correct and better understand how to adjust.

To Conclude...

For 2021, this is the list of the top dance and ballet products for any at-home dancer. One day soon, we will be freely dancing in the studio. But for now, we need to assure that our technique stays on pointe (no pun intended).

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These are all products that I use on a daily basis and want to share these recommendations with all dancers.

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